Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Saturday Super Hike and Sunday Super Bowl

Today has been a gloomy sort of wintery day complete with gusty winds and slippery roads.  I guess it's a good thing we were motivated enough to get our butt's out of bed and outside to enjoy the good weather this past weekend.  On Saturday we went for a 3 hour hike in the hills behind Dana Point.   Aside from the 5 fwy winding below us, the hike was very scenic and we saw tons of wild flowers, thistles, butterflies, and had a clear view of Catalina and San Clemente island. Below are some pictures from the day.
Happy Isis, running free.

Stumbled upon what must have been a butterfly nest.  I managed to capture 3 in this shot. (a bit blurry though)

Enjoying a well deserved sandwich mid-hike.  Got too hot for my #1 favorite Wildfox jumper.

4.......3.....2.....hurry up it's going to take the picture.....1...errr.... (Self-timer photo FAIL!!!)

shaka bro

Isis the drama queen.

Sunday was the Super Bowl, and even though I wasn't really rooting for either one of the teams, a small part of me was pissed off to see New York win....I dislike all New York sport teams. (Go California teams! Chargers/49ers/Lakers/Padres/Dodgers/Angels!!!!)

My new Zara tank that I fell in love with during our shopping spree at South Coast last week...sorry for the mess behind me.

yours truly.

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