Tuesday, January 31, 2012


6 years.....6 long years ago I created this blog. At that time I had just finished my undergrad program in History, Politics, and Society and had began working as a clerk in a large law firm in downtown Riverside while I applied to law schools. I was also dating this pretty cute and amazing guy named Gabriel. So many events have transpired in those last six years....change in careers, moving from the inland empire back to the beach, discovering a love for cooking, the passing of my two grandmothers, marriage (that cute amazing guy turned out to be the man of my dreams), dealing with cancer (Dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer), losing a cat and adopting a dog for starters.

 Looking back at the past really puts things in perspective for me, and I'm sure many of you would agree. When I reminisce I remember all the happy events I've been blessed to be a part of; how many challenges I've overcome; mistakes I've made (and lessons learned); and it makes me appreciate the loving support of family and friends and bolsters my enthusiasm and hope for the future. With that being said, I truly regret not keeping up with my bloggarino because as we all know memories fade into the abyss...

 What my hope is for this blog to be an ongoing open book of my life. I want to make it so my family (future unborn child?) and myself can sift through the archives and understand the who, what, where and why that makes me who I am. Many of my "outlets" will be presented, for instance images of time spent being out in nature, chronicles of travel, fashion faux pas and fashion masterpieces (hopefully the latter will outperform the former!), foodie goodies, and more. I hope you come back and visit often, and if you have a blog/journal/online diary of your own, please do not hesitate to share it!

 Aloha, Crystal